SOLD!! Hupfeld Super Pan Orchestra

Hupfeld Super Pan Model III Pan Orchestra---Finest in the World!
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For a number of years this instrument was located in a private collection and enjoyed by all who were privileged to see and hear it. Alas, the entire collection has been sold, but they saved the  best for last. We have recently disassembled the instrument so it is ready for transport. The owner has instructed us to sell it! We have professionally packed it and can answer detailed questions about its excellent playing condition, it now awaits a new home. Our company has taken care of it for many years and will be happy to relocate it anywhere in the world! If you want the best of the best, give us a call at 715-424-5183. This machine is priced to sell...

Here is the complete description. This Hupfeld Super Pan is housed in a Model III Pan Orchestra exceptionally fancy case similar in appearance to the Helios Style III/39. Its inner workings and musical capabilities are the most sophisticated ever created by Ludwig Hupfeld A.G. of Leipzig. In its advertising Hupfeld called it the Pan Orchestra, suggesting that it was even more human-like in its music than were instruments in the popular Helios line.

Instrumentation includes a very fine Rönisch reproducing piano with mandolin attachment; 338 pipes and reeds representing violin, flute, clarinet, oboe, lotus flute, cello and harmonium; and xylophone, bells and extensive drums and traps. The instrument is controlled by 21 automatic registers. There are three separate internal swell boxes for melody, countermelody and accompaniment, plus a main outer swell shutter. The 36-note melody and 60-note countermelody divisions have independent tremolo mechanisms. The player mechanism is the most sophisticated of any extant orchestrion style, with the ability to play several musical parts on many combinations of instruments at the same time, each with its own expression.

This example contains the original piano, pipes, harmoniums, drums and traps, large roll changer, electrical controls and pneumatic mechanisms (stack, pump, expression devices, register box, etc.}, large original Hupfeld center art glass window, all as obtained by Hathaway & Bowers in Europe in the early 1970s.  The initial restoration was commissioned by Dr. George and Suzie Coade for their California collection. It later went to the Wilkinson Collection, then Sanfilippo Collection, then Milhous Collection, and via auction several years ago to the Andrews Collection.

Additional restoration work was done to the pneumatic components, and the rank of clarinet pipes was added by noted automatic musical instrument expert Arthur Reblitz and his staff in 1985. (The Reblitz team understands every detail of the intricate Pan Orchestra, having studied and restored three of the four known examples over a period of years.)    It has been maintained in excellent playing condition.  This Pan plays highly-multiplexed 124-note Hupfeld Pan rolls; several dozen original rolls and a set of over 400 re-cuts ranging from popular tunes to classical music are included with this magnificent instrument!

There are only three other varieties of Hupfeld Pan Orchestras known to exist!  A Model I, a Model III Super Pan (Gilson Collection) and a Model IV Excelsior Pan (Nethercutt Collection).   Each of the others are part of treasured permanent collections and unlikely to be offered for sale---perhaps ever again.  Each takes its place among the world's most valuable orchestrions. This is truly an exciting opportunity to acquire a "reproducing orchestrion" that was and remains a pinnacle of the orchestrion builders' art!  Size 150"t. x132"w, x65"deep.